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Wonder Woman Review: The Future Of ‘Justice League’ Begins With Her

Wonder Woman Review: The Future Of ‘Justice League’ Begins With Her

Warner Bros. future with DCEU has finally blossomed and it’s all thanks to Wonder Woman. The film has managed to break every expectation and leaves no room for major criticism. Here’s what I have to say in this non-spoiler review.

The movie begins by showing us a young Diana living in Themyscira, watched over by her mother Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright). Initially, Hippolyta is hesitant to train Diana in combat to avoid her from having a possible confrontation with none other than Ares, God of War. However, Antiope decides to face the inevitable and convinces the Queen to train Diana harder than any amazons every before. But, as fated, Diana soon realizes the reality and faces Ares’s corruption when a horde of Soldiers arrives on the Island.

From start, the film succeeds where other DC titles failed. The audience is entertained throughout the first and second act with sensible humor. Diana’s (Gal Gadot) attempt to understand Men and Steve’s (Chris Pine) inability to explain is just too exciting and leaves us aching for more.

While there are quite a few comedy scenes throughout the film, it’s not an MCU movie to keep us engaged with just fun, excitement and entertainment. The studio has taken the risk to dive Wonder Woman into a dark and gritty world filled with no hope. However, the only glimmering light that shines love and affection lies within Diana.

Director Patty Jenkins has crafted the film to finely shift with its story and doesn’t make unnecessary twists and turns to entertain the audience. The gripping plot takes Diana on a journey where she discovers her new abilities, attempts to understand human interaction and thrives on finding meaning in the war when the answer she sought after wasn’t entirely as she expected it to be.

Fortunately, Trevor and his gang of WWI buddies are alongside Wonder Woman throughout the battle although they fail to understand her concept of Ares and how the God of War is behind this destruction.

The only disappointment lies in the soundtrack. Except for a few gripping moments, we don’t get to hear a lot of Han Zimmer’s ‘Is She With You’. The soundtrack by Rupert Gregson-Williams wasn’t remarkable but neither can we criticize it.

Overall, the film entertains us with love, pain, fun, action and more. Fans will surely be left with mixed emotions but would look forward to watching the film for the second time in theaters.

The film’s success among the masses has ensured a better future for DC Cinematic Universe. Moreover, newer audiences would also look forward to watching Wonder Woman and the rest of the DC superheroes in action in this year’s Justice League as well.

While a lot of critics solely appreciate Patty Jenkins, I’d say the success of the film was all due to teamwork (Zack Snyder, Geoff Johns, Jon Berg etc).However, the main credit goes to the director for helming the film to its grand success.

I rate the film 9.5/10 

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