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Wonder Woman Takes On Steppenwolf In ‘Justice League’ Clip

Screencap from Justice League Heroes Trailer

Wonder Woman Takes On Steppenwolf In ‘Justice League’ Clip

Promotions for Justice League have been massive since the film is nearing its releasing. Recently, a clip featuring a fight scene from the movie was premiered on a Spanish TV show called Un Nuevo Dia.

To the fans surprise, the clip revealed the fight scene that takes place in the Gotham Ventilation Tower. The video below reveals Wonder Woman going up against supervillain Steppenwolf.

It seems like the heroes are overwhelmed by Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons. A pair of the alien soldiers also manages to capture The Flash but Wonder Woman steps in at the right moment to slice them down.

The Batman also gets into action and stops a Parademon from attacking Wonder Woman. The scene ends with Cyborg taking control of the wrecked Nightcrawler bat vehicle. Fans can check out the low-res version of the clip below (H/T Batman-News). the article will be updated with a hi-res version once it is released by the studio.

Warner Bros. has continued to not reveal much about the film’s plot in its promos. By far, fans have been repeatedly treated with new photos of the heroes (excluding Superman) from the Gotham Ventilation Tower scene. but TV spots have given glimpses of other sequences from the film.

Justice League is on the road to a big successful opening at the box office. Reactions from the china fan screening have been positive. But currently, fans are expecting the first response from critics on social media after its embargo lift.  The tweet below by Jeremy Conrad throws some light on critics screening details.

Justice League hits the big screens on November 17th.

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