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Wonder Woman: Weekend Domestic Opening Could Dominate Marvel’s Ant-Man, According To Early Tracking

Wonder Woman: Weekend Domestic Opening Could Dominate Marvel’s Ant-Man, According To Early Tracking

Early positive buzz for Wonder Woman has filled fans with hope that the DC film could succeed where Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad fell short. However, a recent report suggests that the standalone movie won’t be able to make the buck the previous DCEU titles did at the box office.

The Wrap has revealed early tracking numbers for Wonder Woman and it looks to be a successful opening for a female-centric superhero movie. According to their report, major independent trackers have estimated that the box office domestic earning could land at $65 million. Whereas, another projection suggests it would debut at $105 million.

While tracking suggests that Wonder Woman won’t make as much as the last two DC films- it would still be considered as a financial success by the studio. Furthermore, the movie looks to step over two MCU films.

Based on the first independent tracking, The DC film would dominate Marvel’s Ant-Man which made $57 million at the box office domestic opening. If the second projection comes true, Wonder Woman would earn more than Doctor Strange which made $85 million in the domestic opening.

Currently, fans seem to be more worried about Wonder Woman’s success among critics. The last two DC Films failed to appeal to the masses and received mixed reviews. Although early positive buzz suggests the movie would receive acclaimed responses from mainstream media, some part of the audience is still skeptical as Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad also received early appreciating reviews but was hit with painful criticism after its embargo lift.

Wonder Woman releases on June 2nd. Fans can expect more early buzz on twitter as the advance press screening for the film are under way.

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