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Young Justice: Outsiders Showrunner Wants Viewers To Binge Watch Season 1 And 2

Young Justice Outsiders Promo Art Cropped/ DC Universe

Young Justice: Outsiders Showrunner Wants Viewers To Binge Watch Season 1 And 2

After a six years long gap, the fan favorite animated series Young Justice is finally making a return with a third season titled Young Justice: Outsiders. The season 3 is set to debut on the upcoming streaming service DC Universe next year.

The first Young Justice: Outsiders footage was showcased at the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 event held last month. The makers also revealed about the new characters that will be joining the heroes from the first two seasons. The list includes Stephanie Brown’s Spoiler, Cissie King-Jones’ Arrowette, Forager, and Thirteen. The story of the upcoming season will follow the events of season two and the plot will mainly focus on metahuman trafficking.

Well, Young Justice co-creator and producer Greg Weisman has an advice for those who have been a regular Young Justice watcher and even those who haven’t yet watched the animated series.

During an interview with at SDCC last month, Weisman advised fans to take their time out and watch the previous two seasons before the third season premieres.

According to Weisman, going through the first two seasons again will enable viewers to grasp more out of the upcoming third season. Furthermore, it will also help them understand the character development some of the heroes have undergone when Young Justice: Outsiders comes out next year.

It’s a streaming service. You should definitely watch seasons one and two,” Weisman said. “If you haven’t seen the show at all you should definitely start with seasons one and two, binge-watch those two seasons. Even if you have seen it but you haven’t seen it recently, I’d recommend watching it again because you’ll get a lot more out of season three. I mean, look, you can watch any episode of any of the three seasons and get something out of it, it’s a good story but if you want to make the most of it, it’s a tapestry that all these people in this room and a few hundred more people have worked really hard to weave and so you’ll definitely benefit if you watch season one, watch season two, and then go straight into season three.”

In another interview with Nerdist, Weisman also revealed that the upcoming series will be more mature and darker in tone as compared to the previous two seasons.

“Because we’re on a streaming service and we’re not on Cartoon Network, we don’t have Cartoon Network’s standards and practices,” the showrunner said. “Departments can’t tell us what we can and can’t do. That has freed us up, and this season is more mature. It’s a little darker. Definitely delves deep into our characters and it also allows us to delve deeper into the DC universe.”

Young Justice: Outsiders will premiere on the DC Universe streaming platform in 2019.





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