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Zack Snyder Comments On Justice League Snyder Cut’s Possibility Of Being Made

Stills from JL/Courtesy to Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder Comments On Justice League Snyder Cut’s Possibility Of Being Made

Earlier today, Zack Snyder finally openly discussed the Justice League project during his Q&A session for the Batman v Superman director’s cut discussion panel.  Initially, the director spoke about the original script that he and writer Chris Terrio had scribed but was unfortunately not approved by the studio.

The original script never saw the light and went through re-writes and a bare version of it was made into the movie that fans’ unfortunately got to witness in 2017. Though Snyder shared a lot of details regarding the script, none of the attendees present ever asked about the Snyder cut.

Fortunately, after the Q&A discussion came to an end, a fan decided to ask Snyder if the world would ever see his version of the Justice League. And though the possibility exists, it seems like the decision lies in the hands of Warner Bros.

Zack told me that he doesn’t know because wb owns the movie. And there is actually 10 different cuts. And that he would have to finish it” You can check out the tweet below.

It must be noted that Snyder’s original script was never shot and went through changes before its production. Moreover, the script that was approved also faced studio intervention after production and when Snyder himself decided to do reshoots, he was unfortunately never able to due to his family tragedy.

Later on, Joss Whedon was brought on to finish the movie and received screenplay credit for his work. But it was claimed that even Whedon had issues with getting the studios’ approval over several of his decision during the reshoots production.

Snyder’s reply also throws credibility on a few film journalists who claimed that the cut exists but not in a finished form. But it doesn’t look like Warner Bros. plans to finish the movie that Snyder had intended since the studio has already spent over $300million in production.

Source: Twitter (Cory)




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