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Zack Snyder Confirms No Involvement In ‘Justice League’ Since Exit, Details

Still of Zack Snyder captured from set of London during Justice League filming

Zack Snyder Confirms No Involvement In ‘Justice League’ Since Exit, Details

Earlier in May, Director Zack Snyder stepped down from his role as director for DCEU’s Justice League to cope with his family tragedy. Before announcing his exit, the film was set to go through extensive reshoots which was later taken over by Joss Whedon.

Recently, WIRED had the opportunity to have a conversation with Snyder to talk about his new short Snow Steam Iron and the Justice League project. Going by his comment, it looks like the director has happily handed over the project to Snyder without interfering with the ongoing work.

Snyder confirmed that he’s not been involved in the project since his departure. Furthermore, he also states that it would be “unfair in a lot of ways” to get back on the film after stepping away from it for a long period of time. But the director is confident and trusts Whedon and the team to produce the film successfully.

“I’m at a place where I feel excited about it and I’m happy for my guys and I love these people that are working on it, and they’re my family and I think they’re doing an amazing job,” Snyder said. “But I’ve kind of just let them do their thing.”

This confirms that the entire project including post-production is currently in the hands of Whedon. Furthermore, the Avengers director seems to have full control over the project, which also explains few of the changes the project went through since Snyder’s departure.

Whedon taking over the project hasn’t been subtle as well. The director’s involvement has been controversial since being called a “Hypocrite Preaching Feminist ideals” by his ex-wife and also receiving writing credits for Justice League which wasn’t taken well by many fans.

Unfortunately, neither will the fans get to hear more about Snyder’s work with Justice League as the director won’t be involved any press for the film. It is unsure if he would promote the film in any way after its release.

Justice League hits the big screens on November 17th this year.




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