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Zack Snyder pays tribute to Snyderverse fans on Justice League anniversary, Deathstroke star Joe Manganiello reacts & more

Zack Snyder pays tribute to Snyderverse fans on Justice League anniversary, Deathstroke star Joe Manganiello reacts & more

This week marks the five-year anniversary of the Justice League theatrical cut’s release and Zack Snyder has taken this opportunity to thank his fanbase for making the Snyder cut a reality. DCEU fans from all over the world have responded back with the same kindness for the Man of Steel director and praising his past works that built out the DC Extended Universe.  

The continuation of the Snyderverse under WBD’s DCU may seem far-fetched for some but many Snyder fans would argue the director’s cut was once also seen in the same light. But in 2021, the largest fan movement managed to convince the execs at Warner Bros. to release Zack Snyder’s Justice League, a four-hour cut on HBO Max. The studio reportedly spent an additional $70 million to release it as a finished product and as expected, the Snyder cut was paraded by the fandom as the definitive version, casting aside the theater version which was put together by Joss Whedon

Snyder is currently busy filming Rebel Moon for Netflix but that didn’t stop the director from sharing his appreciation for his fans. His twitter featured the JL Snyder cut artwork along with a quote his late daughter used to recite. Snyder added that all the supporters that made “JL real, honor her.” 

Deathstroke actor Joe Manganiello responded by thanking Snyder and the second part of his message is cryptic enough to hold out hope for Slade Wilson’s return. Readers can check it out below.

The tweet has garnered enough attention to get Snyder trending on Twitter with many pushing the hashtag “Bring Zack Snyder Back”. Moreover, the fanbase is also tagging DC Studios CEO James Gunn, asking the new DCU architect to rehire the Batman v Superman director for a potential DC Films project or Man of Steel 2. Though Snyder is yet to receive any such offer from the new DC Film chief

While Warner Bros. has attempted to push 2017’s Justice League as canon for the larger DCEU, the majority of fans have insisted that privilege should go the director’s cut. In fact, even Dwayne Johnson was pressured into removing Whedon’s version of Justice League scenes from the Black Adam trailer. Since then, the new regime has gotten its house in order with new execs and creatives to oversee the DC Films brand. 

Zack Snyder’s schedule is currently jam-packed due to his ambitious Star Wars-Esque Netflix project which has the potential of turning into a franchise of its own. But could Gunn consider bringing the director on board for a future title, possibly Justice League 2? It’s just a pipe dream at the moment but The Suicide Squad helmer acknowledging the growing support for David Ayer’s cut of 2016’s Suicide Squad indicates the director is open to hearing out all pleas. Let’s hope Snyder is one of them.   




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