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Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel: Iconic pit of skulls scene inspired from Satyajit Ray’s 1966 ‘Nayak’

Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel: Iconic pit of skulls scene inspired from Satyajit Ray’s 1966 ‘Nayak’

It’s been a great week for DC fans as they continue to campaign for a Man of Steel 2 movie and to recast Henry Cavill, along with the help of Zack Snyder on Twitter. Many cinephilias have been sharing their favorites moments and scenes from the first Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill. One such fan pointed out an important observation which suggests that a classical golden age Bollywood cinema may have influenced a scene from Snyder’s Superman flick.

DC fans would remember the nightmare Esque sequence from Man of Steel when Zod explains to Kal his plans to build a new Krypton on Earth. but of course, it is over the skulls of humankind to rebuild Krypton civilization. The sequence ends with Kal sinking into the hole as he is covered up by a pit of skulls. It looks like this scene, in particular, was a direct inspiration from the 1966 Bollywood film, Nayak directed by the legendary Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray. You can check out the scene comparison below.

Zack Snyder took inspiration from 1966 Satyajit Ray film, Nayak?

In Nayak, the protagonist can be seen sinking down as he is covered by piles of cash as another person watches him struggle for help. From first looks, one can certainly say that the scenes match perfectly with the 1966 film.  Zack Snyder has never in the past revealed the nature of his inspiration for the pit of skulls scene and neither have any fans pointed out before. But during the watch party for Man of Steel, the director revealed that he felt it was a powerful scene to show Superman’s worst fears which is the death of everyone around him.

Snyder is well known for taking inspiration from classic films and this could well likely be another such case. However, it’s surprising as well as a proud moment (as an Indian film journalist) to see western cinemas’ approval of India’s finest golden age film.

Henry Cavill trends as DC fans continue to campaign for Man of Steel 2

Fans from around the globe haven’t stopped voicing their love for Cavill’s version of Superman and their desire to see him reprise the character.  With the success of the DCEU community in greenlighting the go-ahead for the director’s cut of Zack Snyder’s justice league, fans remain assured that the strong growing petition could result in another positive outcome. stay tuned for more updates.

PHOTO: Satyajit Ray’s Nayak (1966) vs Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel (2013) from DC_Cinematic

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