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Netflix’s Lucifer Final Season 5 Filming On August 12

Lucifer Season 4

Netflix’s Lucifer Final Season 5 Filming On August 12

Netflix is all set to begin production on the final season of Lucifer later this August. The TV show which faced cancellation under FOX was later picked up by Netflix and renewed to give us a short season 4 consisting of 10 episodes and surprisingly, the latest season did hold up to fans’ expectations.

UPDATE: An earlier version of the story didn’t provide the total episode count of Lucifer final season which is 16.

Thanks to the success of season 4, Netflix was quick to announce the show’s renewal for a final season 5. Now, we also know that Lucifer season 5 will begin filming on August 12, thanks to a recent listing from Production Weekly.

The listing also states Lucifer Season 5 will be filming in Los Angeles. Season 1 of the show was filmed in LA as well but the show later moved to film in British Columbia, Canada.

The episode count of Lucifer Season 5 still remains unknown but it seems likely that Netflix would constrain the final season to a total of 10-12 episodes.

Season 4’s ending finally gave fans what they needed since the first season as Detective Decker proposes her love for Lucifer. but once again, the twisted turn of events forces Lucifer to return back to Hell. The ending scene was critically acclaimed and was truly a surprisingly breathtaking moment and showrunner Ildy Modrovich also broke down that scene during an earlier interview, revealing that it was decided early on to send Lucifer back to Hell.

We did know pretty early on that we wanted to end in Hell with Lucifer on the throne again. But we didn’t know what that would look like exactly and what the circumstances surrounding it would be. But we knew in Lucifer’s arc of acceptance that by the end he would have to accept that he had to go plug the hole that is now spewing forth demons.”

Lucifer Season 5 does not have a premiere date announced yet.




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