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Russo Brothers tease The Gray Man spinoff for Dhanush’s assassin character hunting Ryan Gosling’s Six, details

Russo Brothers tease The Gray Man spinoff for Dhanush’s assassin character hunting Ryan Gosling’s Six, details

Director Joe and Anthony Russo have assured a spinoff for The Gray Man cast Dhanush’s character. The first look at the Indian Kollywood star’s mysterious assassin in Netflix’s spy thriller flick was earlier unveiled in the debut trailer.

It seems Chris Evans’ Lloyd Hansen won’t be the only character from The Gray Man Universe to get a spinoff. The feature, based on Mark Greaney’s novels (who also co-wrote Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan) will introduce Indian actor Dhanush as an assassin, a character which seems to be based on the source material although the Russos have specifically said they wrote the role for Dhanush. What’s more, the directors have confirmed the Asuran star will return as a lead in a spinoff feature too.

Addressing the role Dhanush plays in The Gray Man speaking on Twitter Spaces chat, the Russo Brothers stated, “We are big fans of him. We wrote the character keeping him in mind. You can expect a new film starring his character in the lead soon.”

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And for those snooping for character details, he is an assassin on the same mission as Hansen – to hunt down Six (Ryan Gosling) and it won’t go down without a fight or two.

“He’s sent after Ryan’s character in the movie. He’s got two incredible fights in the film. Anthony and I are Dhanush’s fans. We wrote this role specifically for him. He’s a sort of classic badass character, who shows up to combat the hero and complicate the film. He’s a fun character. He’s unique. Dhanush has a great presence on the camera. The character is almost mystical in a way. If the audience like this film, we expand the storytelling from here. This character is a fascinating character to move forward in that world,” he said.

The Gray Man is already making news for establishing itself as a cinematic universe, the same way the directors did for Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga (Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame). However, any hopes of seeing the franchise branch out with spinoffs will depend on its success.

The Gray Man will be available to stream on Netflix from July 22 but the film will release prior in theatres on July 15 with a short one-week window.




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