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Blue Beetle director responds to angry fan rant for including ‘Batman is a Fascist’ dialogue in trailer, DC Film stans react to nods to Gundam’s Obari Pose & more

Blue Beetle director responds to angry fan rant for including ‘Batman is a Fascist’ dialogue in trailer, DC Film stans react to nods to Gundam’s Obari Pose & more

The Blue Beetle trailer is receiving off-the-charts positive reactions from DC Film fans but has also simultaneously displeased some folks for including the ‘Batman is a Fascist’ dialogue. The first Latino superhero DC Film stars Xolo Maridueña in the titular role as Jaime Reyes – a teenager whose life changes after an ancient artifact called “the scarab” attaches itself to him.

Warner Bros. Pictures has not given up on delivering a wholesome family entertainer superhero pic and from the looks of it, Blue Beetle may succeed where Shazam 2 failed. Moreover, since Blue Beetle was developed under the DC Extended Universe banner the project was considered to be the final standalone from the ongoing interconnected franchise. However, Deadline reports there are plans to incorporate the character into James Gunn’s DCU.

While the general reactions are filled with praises for focusing on Reyes’s family dynamic in his superhero journey – some DCU fans are ticked off by George Lopez‘s character line, ‘Batman is a Fascist’ in the ending of Blue Beetle trailer. The scene in question shows the first look at the Beetle Nest, the superhero’s lair which is similar to the Batcave.

A fan/video creator ranted at the ‘Batman is a Fascist’ comment which surprisingly caught the director’s attention as well. But filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto was unphased by the criticism, even going as far as responding to the rant with a laughing emoji and the famous Skeletor meme. The director has been active on Twitter reacting to fans’ opinions on the trailer.

Blue Beetle fans also quizzed the director if trailer references Gundam’s Obari Pose

This is not the first time DCU has been criticized for mocking Batman or other characters from the Justice League. In 2018, the Titans series received flak for dropping the f-bomb on Batman. Similarly, HBO Max’s Peacemaker also faced backlash for insulting Batman with harsh NSFW words.

Angel Manuel Soto has also been reacting with cryptic gif tweets to fan queries regarding Jaime Reyes’ sword stance – a standout moment for its Final Fantasy VII nod by showing him manifest a Buster Sword. Though some also quizzed the helmer if it references Gundam’s Obari Pose.

There has been some doubt if the movie could do well at the box office but Blue Beetle fans are confident the marketing will do wonders unlike Shazam 2 since the origin flick features Bruna Marquezine, a well-known actress in Brazil. Readers can check out reactions below.


Blue Beetle was initially greenlit into development as a direct-to-streaming for HBO Max, similar to Batgirl. However, the project was later scheduled for theatrical release, which worked in WBD’s favor at a time when the studio was criticized for canceling an origin feature starring a Latina in the lead superhero role.

Blue Beetle arrives in theaters on August 18.




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