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Rambo 5 Last Blood

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Rambo 5: Sly Shares Details Of Final Film & Says Rambo Is On A ‘Real Dark Journey’

Rambo 5: Sly Shares Details Of Final Film & Says Rambo Is On A ‘Real Dark Journey’

Earlier on Tuesday, Sylvester Stallone revealed that he was done filming the last film of the Rambo franchise, Rambo 5 Last Blood. The actor shared a video announcing the wrap-up and also got a tad nostalgic over being offered the project back in the 80s.

The video did end abruptly and it seems like Sly did share more details for fans but decided to release it as another clip today. The Rocky actor shared some details of Rambo 5 Last Blood plot and what fans should expect from the final Rambo film.

In this final Rambo, he finally finds what he assumes to be peace, love, belonging, family. And when that is taken, everyone can imagine losing the thing that you most price, the thing that you most love, the thing that you would gladly die for when that is taken. And it takes a man on a real dark journey,” says Sly in the video.

It sounds like its very depressing but its not,” laughed Sly and then went on to hilariously say, “it’s a kid’s film, actually, they got Reindeers in the background, snow and gumdrops falling its going to be really wonderful. No, actually this is going to be a very very intense Rambo. And I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of it, its been an amazing odyssey. And Its coming your way soon.” You can find the video below.

An earlier plot detail did reveal that in the final film Rambo will go on a quest to find his friend’s missing daughter who he soon finds out has been taken by the Mexican Cartel. An article from Splash Report had more details regarding the plot but readers must be warned that it is spoiler heavy.

Rambo 5 Last Blood still does not have a release date assigned yet. But the movie is expected to hit sometime next year. Since production has wrapped up, the studio or Sly himself might announce the release date soon.

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